Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Dreamlet" #4 Relocating the "Shift" jeans at work

*I rearrange the sales floor as much as possible at work, but there are not a lot of ways to get really creative when it comes to merchandising.

I take the jeans and move them from a 4-way stand and move them to the Joe Rocket display wall...

*I did that the next day and everyone said it looked really good and I was like, "I dreamt about it!" 
Why do I dream about being at work when I'm not there....? 

"Look how many pull-ups I can do!"

Age 25....

My boss, Matt Sterett and I are constantly teasing each other in like a "neener neener" way. (Think immature elementary B.S.)

I'm in the back of the parts department where he's unloading the shipment from UPS (which he does every morning) and I come back and have a little chat (like we do every morning) and he said something about me being weak 'cause "I'm a girl", (which he always teases me about) and does his evil laugh (he has a very distinctive laugh) and I get a little heated about it and I'm like "Oh, yeah?! Let's have a pull-up contest!!" And he's laughs his evil laugh again and he goes, "OK, you go first."
(There are water pipes that run just below the 10'-12' ceiling) Somehow, with my dream "superhero power" I jump up and grab the bar and I look at him and I go, "Watch!!" And I do one...very, very difficult pull-up. I try to do a second one and I fall and he teases me for being weak again.

Then I wake up.


"Big Dave" Jacobe and his hugs

Age 25...

*Dave Jacobe comes to my store(s) to visit me several times a year. I met him working at Harley in 2007 and we've been good friends ever since. He's really close to Austin too (he's known Dave since 2006). I've never heard Dave call him by his actual name. He's called him "Possum" for years.

I'm getting out of my car from my usual parking spot and it's a sunny summer day and I'm watching my boss, Matt Sterett, push quads out of the store and I hear "Hey Emmmm!" and I recognize the voice immediately and get excited. He walks towards me and gives me the biggest, warmest bear hug and slobbers on my neck and I'm like "Eww!!" and we both laugh. My boss, Matt, goes "Isn't your man gonna be mad about that?" and we're both like, "Nah, he's cool."

Then I wake up.

*This literally happens every time we see each other.

Bicycle down hill

Age 12 or so....

I'm riding my pink Huffy bicycle uncontrollably down Bucannan Hill by my parent's house and I'm going so fast towards Highway 9 traffic, that I decide to crash to stop myself. I swerve to the right and crash into a fence with barbed wire and I spin and spin and I'm wrapped in it.
Then I woke up.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

"We have matching kitty socks!!"

Age 25....

My coworker/friend Ben Bloom and I are in love with our kitties. (Mine: Molly & Griddles, and Ben: Gnarlz Barkley).

I dreamt that we were standing at the cashier counter at Everett Powersports and we were talking "kitty chat" and I remembered I had my grey kitty socks on that Amy Walker got me for Christmas last year! I was so freakin' excited I took one of my shoes off and showed him and he was like, "I have the same ones!!".

Time warp

We're sitting under the white folding table behind the cashier station (which is unusually bigger than normal, so we can both fit under there without crouching)  rubbing our kitty socked feet together and giggling.

My ex, Tom, attacking me with a knife.

Age 24....

I was laying in bed at our Avalon apartment and I heard a noise in the main room. 
I'm always the brave one in my dreams so I told Austin to stay in bed and I'd go check it out. I walked out, I looked in the bathroom briefly...I was scared to look in the livingroom. I looked behind the counter in the kitchen and I heard something behind me and I turned towards our front windows and Tom was crouched down in front of our love seat. He jumped up and ran towards me with a knife. Then I woke up. 

Sebastian's Youtube Views

Age 25.....

I posted a video of my friend Sabastian rapping a few days ago and I saw that some people were kinda talking sh!t to him and apparently it bothered me enough for my subconscious to decide to work it all out for me.

My dream last night was Sebastian sitting at a computer with a friend (I think it was a girl, but it's hazy) and he was like, "Em, come here! Check this out!" and I saw that his video that he'd posted on Youtube had like
4, 635,000 hits. It had around 5,300 thumbs up and only 1,200 thumbs down and I was so happy!

I said, "Oh my god, that's awesome! You're probably gonna be on "The Soup"!!" (Funny show with Joel McHale who makes fun of TV clips and internet videos).

Then I woke up.

Friday, January 7, 2011

#2 "Dreamlets"

Age 12, 13 or 14.....

I'm having wild sex with my (then) late 80-something year old neighbor, Ray. RIP.
We were on the bottom left corner of my bed and we were so into it we were falling off onto the floor.
I OG'd in my sleep. Like, woke me up, breathing heavily and sweating. That good.
I still feel a little dirty/creepy/sick about that one.


#1 "Dreamlets"

Age 5,6 or 7...somewhere.

I was walking around a cave-like room with red walls. There were blood vessels everywhere. Big ones. Big enough for a person to sit in one like a hammock.
I'm walking past all these couples (men and women) and they're "making love" or cuddling or something close to that while laying on the blood vessels.. No penetration, but definitely intimacy. I'm walking around just looking....

Muppet Babies, Wizard of OZ, Sleeping Beauty and Tongue Slide

This was around the time when I was 7.

I'm standing in the front yard at my grandma's house by her salmon berry bushes. I'm with a group of the Muppet Babies, specifically: Fozzie Bear, Kermit, Miss Piggy and Gonzo.
We're all just talking and Gonzo said something that pissed me off (I can't remember what it was) and I punched him in his big furry blue nose. He starts to cry and runs away shaking his fist and saying "You're gonna be sorry you did that!!"
I feel anxious...Miss Piggy says something like, "You're in trouble..... here she comes" and I start to feel the ground shake. Something very large (like "Transformers" large) is walking down the hill towards us.
I look up and I can see the top of an enormous blue furry head just barely above the (30'-40') trees.
I panic. I turn to run into the house and instead of seeing my grandma standing in behind her screen door (like she does when I come visit her), I see the cartoon of the Evil Queen from Disney's "Sleeping Beauty". Now I'm really scared. I run towards my grandpa's shop (N.E. of the house) and find him inside with all of his mechanic's clothes on (green long sleeve tee with stains and holes and a flight deck hat).
He looks at me like he's never seen me before and I feel anxious again.
I'm yelling "Grandpa!! It's me!! Help me!!" and he's just staring at me looking confused.
I start to look around the shop for something (a weapon? a hiding spot?-not sure) I see an escape!!
There is a little tunnel under the most SW facing workbench in his shop and I crawl into it. I start to slide down some sort of a chute in the dark and I can feel the rails sliding under my palms.
The rails are damp and bumpy. There starts to be light and I can see that I am sliding down a huge pink tongue and the rails are teeth (molars, specifically). I see the end of the slide and it's my grandma's front yard again.

(I may have woken up at this point and continued later or I had a Time Travel moment)

I run towards the house again and the Evil Queen isn't at the front door anymore. The Muppets are still in the front yard, just staring.
I run into the house and back into the family room and up the multi-colored (they really are different colored and carpeted) steps up to the second floor. I'm still looking for an escape. I see in the far back left corner there's a door, or a seam for a door, or something that grabs my attention enough for me to check it out. It's a cement stairway. Spiral. Old "castley" kind of stairway. I start to walk down and I can hear shouting. I get to the bottom of the stairs and I'm in a royal court of some sort and the characters from the Wizard of OZ are there: Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow (I don't remember seeing the Lion anywhere).
The Scarecrow is running around and he looks scared. Dorothy looks worried. She turns to me and says "the Queen is going to chop his head off."
I feel anxious. I look around and I see the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland  (the cartoon Disney version) and she's pointing at me and she's screaming "Off with her head!!" and I see a big two-headed battle ax above my head as I'm running.

Then I wake up.

Freddy Kruger's Baby

There is no dialog in this dream.

Freddy and I are in a custody battle at my grandma Pat's house and we're fighting in the back bedroom (her quilting room). He grabs the baby and runs out the door while I chase after him. He's throwing the baby really high up in the air and I'm panicking and I can't catch up to them. I lose sight of them and I'm walking around in a daze. 

Time Warp
I'm running around the perimeter of a muddy field (still inside my grandma's house...or having some characteristics of her house) and there is manure (fertilizer) being sprayed and it keeps hitting me. 
I'm running and I have knots in my stomach because I need to find my baby.

Then I wake up.