Monday, October 14, 2013

Fishing in Trevor's Backyard and Baby Dolphin with Cat Paws Under My Newspaper Skirt

I walk out Trevor's back door and there is a sport-fishing pole wedged between his deck stairs and angled towards the fence. It's bouncing like there may be a fish on it, but there's no water, the line is tangled in some bamboo to the left of the yard.
I call to the boys, "Trevor! Kenny! Come get your fish!" and they run out and I tell Kenny it's his fish, so he has to pull it in. He's yanking and pulling and he's not "catching" it. I tell him, "Jerk it! Catch the gills!" and he tries a few more times and looks back at me, defeated. I shake my head and roll my eyes. I'm annoyed that he didn't listen and now he'll pout and it will ruin the day.
I walk around the left side of Trevor's house and there is another sport-fishing pole wedged under the rocks that line the house by the driveway. Trevor's house is now my Great Grandma's house and the fishing pole is in her old pond. It's thrashing around violently and I know I have to be the one to get it, but Kenny grabs the pole and rips the hook through the creature attached. He pulls hard and struggles and both Trevor and I grab the pole and with all three of our strengths together, we pull a baby dolphin out of the water. He comes out with such force, that he flies over our heads and lands behind us on a small red wooden bridge.
I'm instantly horrified. I look down at it's big, dilated black pupils and he looks scared to death. My heart is crushed. I lay down beside him and stare into those glossy eyes and pet the side of his face with my left hand. Stroking him and telling him I won't hurt him and he'll be ok. I want him to hear me and understand me and believe me so bad! I just want to comfort him.
He is moving his tongue around in his mouth and I peek in and see the hook has pierced through and has sliced a long gash. There isn't any blood, but I can tell that he's in a lot of pain because he keeps moving his tongue around in his mouth and looking at me with those black eyes.
He has a tiny cat tongue. Not a the huge muscle you'd typically see inside a dolphin, but a small soft cat tongue.

Fast forward

I'm standing over the baby dolphin with my legs on either side and he is on his back now and is looking up at me. I am naked, with only a newspaper skirt covering my bottom half. The dolphin has cat paws at the end of his flippers and he's "clapping" under my skirt.
Two friends are there and they're watching me with puzzled looks on their faces. I feel a hard tugging/pulling under my newspaper skirt and realize the dolphin's paws are tangled in my pubes and it's making me struggle against the weight of the thrashing baby animal. I realize I must give an explanation as to my weird behavior and I blatantly say to them, "This dolphin is tangled in my pubes."

Then I wake up.