Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ice Cream with 6 Ladies & Cops on a Boat

I'm in Anacortes. There are cops everywhere.
There are three cops dealing with me specifically regarding a boat.

I'm looking at (or thinking about) the boat. I'm looking at the main cabin door. It's slatted like window shutters. Dry, ocean-aged wood that looks like at one time it may have been a glossy oak. There is a round "porthole" window at eye level. The window is framed with shiny gold (or brass) metal and the sun is reflecting and making me squint my right eye.
The exterior of the boat is mainly white with evergreen colored trim and gold fixtures.

Inside the boat the walls are painted glossy white slats. Vertical lines from floor to about belly button height. Above the white wood, the walls are an eggshell finished navy blue. The contrasting colors are very "nautical".

There is a kitchen about 8 feet from the entryway on the right. The cabinets and walls and floor are a glossy maple.

Immediately to the left of the entry, there is a large dark cherry wood table. Probably 6 x 6 and 5" thick. Just the tabletop looks like it weighs 500-600 pounds.
There are three middle aged women (chin-length bobs, "cheater" glasses) seated against the wall. I sit across from them.
There is a white ceramic bowl in front of me with some almost melted vanilla ice cream. I'm tipping the bowl towards my chest and scooping the last few drops onto my cold spoon. I put the spoon in my mouth and I can taste both the ice cream and the metal.

To my left there is a wall divider. It is just like the main cabin door: shutter-like. I run my fingers along the slats and they are small, like toothpicks...(totally random size-change). The toothpicks roll slightly as I move my right index finger up and down. They are a little rough. I can see little tiny splinters fraying.

There is a woman standing to my left, beside the table. She is short (5'2" or so), she has copper colored skin and long black, dry hair.
She is wearing a teal men's tee shirt over her bra-less, cone-shaped breasts. She has wrinkled, khaki shorts that are hemmed about a quarter inch above her lumpy, almond colored knees. She has ratty white tennis shoes that look like they've seen a beach hike or two. There is tropical colored sand crusted around the sole.

Around three sides of the table there is a dark cherry wood wall. It has the three girls trapped in the small enclosure. The only escape would be for them to climb under the table or over one another.
The wall on my left can be moved. It slides easily open like a large wooden door. Kind of like a hidden bookcase pathway.

Time Travel

There are six non-descriminate women sitting across from me now. They are crammed on the small bench seat against the moveable wall, which has been closed tightly
The little copper-colored woman is standing alone on the other side of the wall. She's facing it, raising herself onto her toes to try and look over it.
She really wants in. Wants to be accepted, but the other girls don't want to let her in. There's just no room for one more. I feel bad for her so I adjust the wall again and allow her to force her way into the group. The other girls, not hiding their annoyance, slide over.

There is a lot of commotion going on behind me. The house boat starts to change. I'm still seated at the table but when I turn around I see the far wall of the kitchen is now gone and a busy sidewalk is visible. Slanted slightly downhill from left to right, the kind of hill that makes your feet "clomp" when you walk down it. It reminds me of a small section of street that leads up to the revetment beside the Skagit River in Mount Vernon.

Along the sidewalk there are little shops with big glass windows showcasing their most treasured items. Things like vintage living room displays; old fashioned designed, ornate couches, a distressed coffee table with random trinkets sprinkled on top, a large vase beside the couch with dried pussy willow branches, a white wooden chair with flaking cream colored paint is to the left of the couch.

The sidewalk is covered and there are unique wooden signs hung on delicate gold-colored chains. The signs are carved and painted by hand. They swing casually in the light, warm breeze.
The sidewalk reminds me of downtown Mount Vernon between I-5 and the revetment.

Time Travel

I'm walking up the hill now and the windows are on my right. It is sunny and there is only a slight wind, just enough to rustle a tee shirt sleeve.

There are three guys (I think they're cops, city cops, the ones that wear the deep blue uniform). They seem super hurried and stressed and they are pacing in all directions. I am very interested in what a specific dark-haired, stocky one is doing. I'm pacing behind him, hoping her'll tell me what is making them all uneasy. I'm feeling stressed now.

No one talks in the dream. There is just a lot a confusion and chaos.

Time Travel

I am speeding in a car (reminds me of my old Honda Accord ) towards the round-a-bout in Anacortes. I think I'm traveling too fast to complete the 180 degree left turn and I tense up as I begin rotating the wheel.
I make it! I"m on Highway 20 headed out of town.

Then I wake up.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Molly Eats Frosted Mini-Wheats & Austin's Backwards Karate Outfit

I'm in the living room.I close the sliding glass door and then open it again about 4 or 5 inches.
I hear a chomping/crunching sound and I turn around and see that Molly is perched on the bar separating the two rooms. She's eating something out of a Frosted Flake "Tony the Tiger" bowl (I got for Christmas a few years ago from Austin's mom).
I can't quite see what she's eating...It's like I'm sitting on the floor or something and I'm looking up so I can see the top of her ears just barely shaking above the rim of the plastic bowl.
My vision slowly raises up and I can see that she's eating Mini-Wheats. She's eating greedily, guarding her cereal with intense eye contact and low ears.

I hear Austin's footsteps coming up the stairs and shuffle a little outside the front door. I peek around the corner and start to walk towards the entryway.
Austin comes through the door loudly.
He is wearing a white karate "gi". It's all wrinkled and the red belt around his waist is tied loosely and the left side is hanging lower than the right over his hips.
He's mad. He paces around the living room.
I ask him if he's okay.

Time Travel

His gi is on backwards now (like a Snuggy).

A large picture of a red sun...(maybe the Japanese flag??) Something relating to Japanese art.

He says, "My dad has been stealing money from me!"

I'm shocked. He tells me that when he was filling out the credit app. for his motorcycle (The BMW we looked at) and Anthony (G.M. @ Ride Motorsports) told him he only has $100 in his account.
He tells me he checked his bank statement online and there were three $400 withdrawls. I says, "He stole $1100 from me!" (I realize he's made a mathematical mistake, but I don't correct him).
He's huffing and puffing and pacing around the living room. He has his arms crossed over his chest and his hands are tight fists. He's almost marching angrily in counterclockwise circles.

I turn and watch Molly munch her Mini-Wheats. I look down at the floor and there are three litter boxes where there are two (in reality)

I ask Austin if he fed the cats today.

Then I woke up.