Thursday, April 28, 2011

"That Dog Looks Like Danny Devito!"

I'm driving East on College Way in Mt. Vernon just  passing the cemetery on the left. I'm driving, Ben Bloom is in the passenger seat, Matt Sterett is in the back. There's a Chevron gas station on the right corner of the next intersection with emergency vehicles everywhere. It's complete chaos. Lights, sirens, smoke. We're still driving in that direction. I'm curious. Time starts moving in slow motion. We're approaching and I see a ripple in the road. The commotion suddenly erupts outward. People, cars, smoke, debris in all directions. The ripple slowly builds to a hot burning blue flame barely skimming the gasoline soaked asphalt. Gravity is directing it towards us in the car. I yell, "Turn around!" Matt is driving now. He cranks the wheel and in slow motion we rotate and face the other direction. I look over to the left by Food Pavillion grocery store and see a little dog wearing a fisherman-style canvassy hat and sunglasses. "Look! That dog looks like Danny Devito!!" I say.

Then I wake up.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"I don't want to be with you anymore."

Austin and I are sitting on our big couch and we're arguing. He's holding a glass of orange juice, sipping on it. He's telling me about all of these adventures he wants to do and he wants to do them all at once and we don't have enough money, or enough time off work, or a plan in any direction whatsoever and he's upset at me because I just can't say, "OK, Babe. Let's go NOW."
We're not yelling or screaming, just arguing. It gets quiet for a moment and I'm looking at him as he's looking down at the couch cushion under his legs and he says, almost inaudibly, "I don't want to be with you anymore." I know what I heard but I ask him to say it again. He says it a little, but not much louder, "I don't want to be with you anymore."
I'm crushed, but my ego won't let me break down. I stand up and say, "I'm taking the TV, the couches, the dining room furniture. I'm taking the bed and the car and you can eat shit."

Time warp
We're at the zoo, walking around on the paved pathways. I'm numb. I'm following him around like a zombie. Focused on nothing, except him. The pathway turns into the I-5 Northbound on-ramp in Mount Vernon off of Kinkaide St. I'm walking up the curved ramp, following Austin and I collapse. I curl into a ball, hold my knees to my chest and explode into sobs. I'm shaking and I can't breathe and I'm lost and my heart hurts so bad. 

Time warp

I'm climbing a skyscraper in Bellevue. Spiderman style. No ropes or pulleys, just bare hand grabbin' window ledges. I can climb fast. I'm scaling an enormous glass building and I turn to look down to see traffic below. I'm so high up. I let go of the building and fall. Such a hopeless fall! 
Then I land on a semi-truck.

Then I wake up.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mt. Vernon YMCA dreamlet

I used to be a competitive swimmer for the Skagit Valley YMCA Chinooks.

In my short dream I am swimming near the floor of the pool, running my fingertips along the rough textured surface. There is no one in or near the pool I swim around "exploring" the pool I'm already familiar with. I can stay under indefinitely without needing air and I swim quickly and easily (as if I'm wearing fins). There are low spots near the six foot midsection and there are brown decaying Fall leaves gathered in those places. I swim down and touch the wet leaves.

Then I wake up.

Renaissance Times Prostitute/Ghost Swordfight

The dream starts out in a house that I've dreamed about in the past.
 It's a large, open floor plan with more windows than walls. The inside is unfinished. There are white electrical cables laced through the framework skeleton interior. The doors are hung but swing lightly with no knobs to keep them closed. There is a kitchen in the middle of the house with bare counters, plain sanded wood cabinets with no varnish or fixtures. There is platform just to the left of the kitchen with a nearly finished hot tub. There are nails and tools and miscellaneous wood pieces littering the floor and counters. Sawdust everywhere.
(I may just sketch a picture of the house...someday)
I'm in the house with some co-workers; Trina and Debb. I'm carrying around a huge lacy dress and I'm flustered and looking for a dressing room. I'm arguing with Debb (we don't get along well) and I walk behind a shower curtain hanging in a doorway and start to change into my dress/costume. I'm still arguing with Debb through the barrier.

Time Travel

I'm dressed in my costume and I'm walking through a dark, old empty village (someone in the dream mentions that the reason the old city is abandoned is due to a vicious cereal killer that took so many lives, that the residents fled). The streets are cobblestones; they are wet and glistening. The buildings are tall and gray and remind me of old Germany or France. A building you'd expect to see gargoyles staring down from the ledge, but they aren't in this case. 
I'm walking towards a woman standing just inside an arched doorway that leads into a hallway beneath a stone breezeway. It's dark and damp inside and the only light sources are dim yellow flickering torches secured to the stone walls. The woman is dressed in a long black medieval gothic ruffled dress with blood-red detailing around the hem of the lace on her skirt. She's only lit from the sides and she looks almost ghostlike. She has an intense threatening glare beneath the shadows on her face.
I continue my approach and I can feel that someone is walking with me behind and to the left of me. This person is not threatening, just a companion of sorts (I never see their face, but it feels like another female). We walk through the arched entry way and as we're getting closer to the woman I hear a sound; very subtle, almost inaudible. I look to the left and I see a ghoulish woman with crazy white hair wearing draping and torn white canvassy material standing in front of a mirror on the wall opposite the direction I'm walking (I can't actually see the mirror but she shows certain characteristics of someone looking at a reflection). She hears me enter the dark space and turns her head sharply to the left and looking directly at me in a crazed way, she immediately sprints in my direction with insane intensity and pulls a large thin sword out from behind her back. She turns her gaze to the woman dressed in red who also pulls a sword from behind her and they slap the blades against each other two or three times.

Then I wake up.

Thousands of UFOs in Sedro-Woolley

It is night time. I'm in my mom's car with Dad, Mom, Joey, Andrew and Austin and we're heading North on Highway 9 (there is only blackness on either side of the road due to farmland) and Joey says, "Wow, there's a lot of them out tonight" as she looks out the left window. I look in that direction and see hundreds, maybe thousands of multicolored lights zipping past at lightning speeds at all different heights all moving in the same direction we're heading. There are big red lights, small white lights, a few blue and green lights, all flying in the same direction we're traveling. It looks similar to airplanes, but there are no planes, just lights. My dad is driving and as we are just entering Sedro-Woolley he says, "Look!! There's one!" and points towards the sky. I look up through the sunroof and see the underside of a massive aircraft. I see large metal sheets riveted together to make a curved panel that is slowly moving above us. I grab Joey's head and try to pull it up so she can see it before it disappears but I can't pull her up fast enough and she only gets a small glimpse as the object fades into the thick fog. I'm disappointed.

Then I wake up.

Tiny, Scary Crazy Red-Haired Woman Living in Grandma Joey's Yarn Closet

First, I little information about mine and Grandma's relationship (It will help in visualization hopefully).
I am very lucky that I was able to know my Great Grandma. I feel extremely privileged to have had 11 wonderful years with her.
I spent a lot of time with my Great Grandma when I was very young. She lived in La Conner and didn't drive so we spent all day together. We weeded her vegetable and rock gardens, we walked to the beach to collect the colorful plastic caps from the tips of fireworks so we could save them (She lived through the Great Depression and she "saved" almost everything). We raked the pine needles out from under her trees and I collected pine cones in plastic buckets and she would pay me 5 cents a cone. We spent weekends together during the school year and full weeks during the summer; getting up at 7am, making our beds together, her making the same "traditional Dutch breakfast"; two slices of wheat toast; one with butter and strawberry jam and the other with butter and a few slices of cheese with dill seeds. She drank black coffee and gave me a small glass of Tang (sometimes she'd put a little raspberry or strawberry juice in the Tang to surprise me). When she was done with her coffee and toast she would go outside and check her thermometer outside and sit down and write in tiny diaries the date, the time she woke up, what the weather was like and what it was supposed to be like later, how she was feeling and what she'd planned out for the day.

At one o'clock everyday we'd have Red Rose tea. She drank her's plain and I put one pack of Sweet n Low and a little milk in mine. She would freeze and slice Snickers bars and put 3 small slices on my tea plate and we would take a little afternoon break and relax and enjoy some tea. We would usually play a game around that time too: Aggravation, Triominoes, Yahtzee, Black Jack (we'd bet pennies) or side-by-side Solitaire.

We would listen to her Polka cassette tapes for a while and when the two sided tape had played out I would put on 95.7 KJR Classic Rock and call the DJs and request my favorite songs so she could hear them and I would sing and dance all crazy just to make her laugh.

She cooked dinner every night. Usually she started preparing around 4:30, we would pick green beans from her garden and sit in the sun and snap them into bite size pieces. We'd peel potatoes and carrots side by side at the sink (I'd stand on a pink homemade wooden stool). We'd eat around 6, watch Wheel of Fortune at 7 and Jeopardy at 7:30 and I would glance over and she Grandma either sleeping or close to nodding off.

She knitted a lot, and crocheted afghans and scarves and slippers and Barbie clothes for me. She taught me, very patiently how to move the needles and tie to knots to make patterns. When my mom had time to take her into town, we would go to the craft store and Grandma would by rolls and rolls of every color yarn and take them home and I would stack them neatly in a small closet just outside her bedroom in the hall. In the closet there was a high shelf and (as we've probably all witnessed) she would take packets of Sweet n Low from restaurants and stash them in a cardboard box just below a single hanging light bulb with a pull string.

Grandma Joey is sitting on the couch in the front room. It's mid afternoon and the sun is reflecting off the fish pond through the picture window and a wash of gold light is on her face as she looks down at her needles. I'm just watching her. Standing (maybe?) in the middle of the room just to her right and she says to me, without looking up, "Can you get me some yarn from the closet?"
I start to feel uneasy...I hesitate a little and she encourages me to move towards the hallway. The closet doesn't have a traditional bi-fold door; it has a paper-like accordion door that gathers and is held to the side with a strap.
The door is slightly open and I'm already anticipating something bad. The bulb is off and just as I start to open it fully the pull string snaps briskly and the light is swaying roughly as dust floats in the glow. 
I hear a shrill, high-pitched voice and I cringe. I stare up toward the only shelf and squint as hundreds of pink packets of Sweet n Low start to fall on me. A woman, probably 12" tall with crazy, curly hair is on the shelf, holding the cardboard box above her head and pouring the sugar squares on me. I kind of swat at her a little bit, grab a ball of light blue yarn and quickly pull the door shut.

Then I wake up

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Helping Grandma Move Into A Wood Box

In my dream my Grandma Pat and Grandpa John are getting a divorce because Grandma can't handle how mean Grandpa is now that he has Alzheimer's.
I'm devastated that they're not going to be married but I'm accepting because Grandma won't be miserable anymore. My mom, dad, sister, Austin and Andrew are helping move Grandma's things into small, coffin-like unfinished (splintery) wooden boxes. (2 1/2' x 12" apx.)
I'm uneasy. I start to climb into one of the boxes, head-first, on my back. I'm trying to slide in but the wood in unfinished and coarse. There are no handles so I'm using my palms to try to drag my weight into the box and I'm driving splinters into my hands and back.

Then I wake up.

Matt Sterett's Chicken Soup

I'm at work. Matt has brought some "home made chicken noodle soup" to work for me to try. He has a big red bowl and he's following me around the store asking me to "just try it"!!
It looks disgusting. It's watery and it has just a few noodles and one big "chicken tender" floating in it. He really wants me to try it because he made it himself.
After trying everything to stay away from him, I decide to give in and try it.
I take it to the front counter and share it with my co-worker, Debb.
We don't have any spoons...but we have a Dwight Schrute bobblehead doll and a Jesus Pen so we decide to eat soup off of those things....

Then I wake up.

Olsen Twins: Mary Kate cuts herself

I'm at a party, standing in a swimming pool. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are there with me in the pool. There is a guy standing near the pool talking to a group of people and Mary Kate has a crush on him. He's talking and being charming and flirty with the group. Mary Kate has a brown beer bottle. She breaks it on the side of the pool and takes a shard and starts carving her wrist. Ashley rolls her eyes and says, "you're carving a heart into your wrist..."
Mary Kate is bleeding an enormous amount in the pool and it's slowly overtaking the water around me. Her sister is antagonizing her and she breaks another bottle (clear this time) and the glass slowly floats in the water. She starts rubbing her hands/arms together in the glass-filled water and her arms are bleeding profusely.

Then I wake up.

(I know there is/was more to this one, but I can't fully remember)