Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aliens are coming.

I watched a documentary on light pattern sightings/UFO sightings in Arizona on Netflix last night and I dreamed:

I'm with a large group of people in a room similar to a lunchroom in a school. Slick, cream colored tile floor, glossy. Florescent lighting glaring off the smooth surface. Windows on every wall. Almost all four walls are solid glass ( a very vulnerable location to be found out by aliens). I get the feeling there might not be a ceiling in the room (I feel like we're being watched from ABOVE, not so much through the glass walls.) There are no tables, just tons of grey metal folding chairs (the kind used for assemblies in school) all over the room randomly. This girl I used to sell jewelry with, Maryann Davis is instructing us all to kneel down on one knee (like a marriage proposal) and kind of hang our heads forward. She explains that this is the most non-threatening position to take when the aliens come.
I am terrified. There are people shuffling around me as I kneel and I want them to stop and get down with me. They're making too much noise and the aliens will find us before we're all in position and we may look threatening. We (unprompted) start folding the chairs and stacking them against the walls. Several chairs stacked sloppily together to create barricades. The glass "windows" are suddenly glass doors (the kind you just lean against and they open. Like at a gas station). We're just stacking randomly.
Then I wake up.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Chris and Kristie's House/Matt Surprises Natali with a Vacation

July 13, 2011

Back story:
I've recently become Facebook friends with an old coworker and his wife.

I dream about being at their house. It's tiny. Very cramped. They have a refrigerator that is tiny. It reminds me of the refrigerators I saw in Holland at my great Aunt, Ada's house.
I open the fridge and it is a door leading into another room. Chris comes over and looks inside. He seems surprised.

Time Travel

I'm in a room. The room reminds me of a highschool classroom. (I think there even might have been a chalkboard on the wall in front of me. I'm sitting, I think. Or standing by a wall against my left shoulder. Matt is standing about 6 or 7 feet to my right. He's excited for Natali to come.
He waits, watching the door which is just in front and to the left of me. Natali comes in. She has a lot of makeup on and I'm surprised at how beautiful she is. Her hair is long and has big curls. It looks well conditioned and healthy.
She and Matt lock eyes and she walks toward him. They hug and stare into each other's eyes for a few seconds and Matt says to her that he has a surprise for her: a vacation to (it's somewhere tropical. The name of the place is spelled with a 'z' in the middle...but I don't remember what it was). He won't tell her where, exactly, though and it's driving her crazy.
He says he'll tell me and he comes over and whispers into my ear where he's taking here and I giggle because I know the secret.

Time Warp

A helicopter comes. Flies and lands where Matt was standing (just to the right of me).

Then I wake up.

Mouse in H/T Overpants/Rescued by Matt and Sam Elliot

July 12, 2011

I'm sitting on the ground next to the shipping desk behind the parts counter. On a cold, cement floor. I'm inspecting a pair of H/T Overpants to see where the warranty issue is. I'm thinking to myself: I hope there's not a mouse in these pants (since I'm on the ground). Suddenly (of course) a mouse pops out of the right leg facing me and kind of lunges out. I stand up and scream. Several times. Loud (it reminded me of a lifeguard's whistle, short loud bursts of screams). It takes a while but finally Matt comes back and asks what I'm freaking out about and I tell him about the mouse. He rolls his eyes like it's not a big deal ('cause he's a mister tough-guy). He asks me in a  condescending tone, "why didn't you just call Service?". I tell him "Because you always rescue me." (He really does. If I have an issue with anything, he fixes it, no questions asked.)
He rolls his eyes again and tells me to call the dog from service (we don't have a dog at our shop). 
Time Warp
A mangy, scroungy medium sized dog with straggly dusty blond greasy hair walks out of the service department into the covered bike storage area just  outside of the parts department.
Time Warp
I'm back in the same place I was at the beginning of the dream: standing in front of the shipping desk. Actor Sam Elliot walks in from the room between service and parts and casually walks towards me. He asks about the mouse. Matt is there still and says "here's your real hero." Sam Elliot wants to just crush the mouse with his big brown laced boots. I start to cry and beg him not to. I'm hoping the mouse has found a good  hiding place. 
The mouse runs out from under the helmet shelves where I keep the IS-Max BTs and Sam slams his big boot down and crushes the mouse.
It doesn't die. I'm horrified. It's laying there, breathing slowly. I can see it's chest rising a falling with each breath. I want to kill it to put it out of it's misery but I can't do it. I can't crush it. I can vividly picture crushing it with my shoe and I'm traumatized with the though. I'm so torn. I know I need to do it.
I stomp it, hard. I killed it. I killed the poor little thing. 
I pick it's lifeless, still warm body up and throw it in the bushes behind the store.

Then I wake up.

Testing A Schuberth Helmet

This guy named Nathan Ledbetter came into my store and demanded that I let him test-ride a $700 dollar helmet I carry. I told him "absolutely not."
This did not make him happy. He kept pushing and pushing and I finally said, "I will do my best to get you a helmet to try. You will pay for it first, though." He bitched about it and blah, blah, blah...I got a brilliant idea to call my Schuberth rep. Andrew Morris on the off chance he might have a demo sitting in his garage (most reps have demos of certain items) and he did!!

My dream:

I am riding a motorcycle on Hwy 522 (I think I'm headed toward Woodinville to see Austin at work) and I'm wearing the Schuberth helmet. Testing it myself. I'm listening, trying to decide if it is truly the quietest modular helmet in the world...

Then I wake up.

Sad Cat

July 3, 2011

Backstory: I drove to Spokane to stay for a few days at my friend Jessica's house for the 4th of July. When she was showing me around her house, we went into her basement and her cat Chloe was there. She had her own little murky room. With her catbox, her kitty condo and her travel cage sitting up on a platform near a small window. She has a lot of room, it's just dark and lonely down there. She's too scared of the three dogs to come up. Jess calls her "Sad Cat". Apparently that really upset me because that night, I had this dream: (it was literally a dream within a dream).

I wake up, come downstairs and see Jess having coffee in the kitchen. She's standing by the counter in between the dining room door and the window over the sink.
I'm kind of panicky almost. I tell her I had a dream that she let me have Chloe and I took her home and she was jumping from kitty-condo to kitty-condo in the sunshine (on my old balcony at Avalon). I could picture here rolling around on the warm cement, soaking up the sun. It made me so happy to see "Sad Cat" be happy.
In my dream, she says I can have her.

In the real life morning, I come and tell her my dream about a dream and that she said I could have her and these were the reasons: she'd be able to enjoy the sun and would be in a stress-free environment with several kitty toys and plenty of attention and she could sleep in our bed. Jess said that would really make (the cat) happy.
Austin said "no" she's still "Sad Cat"

Dead Dog Under Rhododendron Bush

July 6, 2011

My sister and I are at our parents' house. We're trying to move the boat from the dock to the driveway via the neighbor's launch ramp. Joey is driving the truck with the trailer and there is a guy (who's a professional at loading boats onto trailers) guiding Joey as she backs up into the water.

Time Travel

The man tells Joey and I we have to dig up the Rhododendron bush next to where we park the boat. Joey starts to dig with one of those metal fence posts (green with a foot long (apx) white painted end) and she's just tearing up the ground. She gets snagged on a black plastic garbage bag and she kind of steps back quickly. Startled.
There is a dead dog in the bag. Badly decomposed. I look and there is nothing but bones and fur. Looks like a German Shepard.

Time Travel

I grab a shovel leaned up against the shed in the front yard. I have a selection of shapes and sizes to choose from but I grab a short, stubby shovel (one I loved using when I was younger).
I can't dig very well.

Then I wake up

Nerf Football Meteors

Ok, I took brief notes on this dream right after I woke up...this was all I wrote:

Meteors. Nerf Shaped. Joey Pregnant. Running around the front yard. Billie and Mollie Nelson. Lady at the store wants to buy Harley jackets for a play she's doing.

Barely Pregnant

June 23, 2011

I'm feeling my stomach. It doesn't feel right. I don't feel right. My mom is there and she says I might be pregnant.
I start to feel excruciating pains in my abdomen and upper thighs. I tell her I think I'm in labor. I'm feeling my stomach and I'm not showing at all. I can't understand what's happening. How did I not know? Why am I not showing?

Then I wake up.

"The Nanny"

I'm on a my parents' boat in the San Juan islands and it's stormy. Sunny, but the water is choppy. There is a girl (maybe one of Joey's friends, Katie or Corey?) They're fighting with a black girl called "The Nanny".
Time Travel
I'm at work, back in the parts departments at Matt's computer and Trina pages me to come up front to see a guest. It's a guy I don't know. He looks like Ryan Capes (he just came in the day I had this dream) he is short and has dusty blonde messy hair.

He apologizes sincerely for being mean to me and tells me he is "The Nanny". I don't remember ever meeting him. I grab his right hand like I'm going to shake it and wrap my other hand around it and pull him into a hug.
Then I tell him I was drunk and don't remember him being mean.

Andrew Shits His Pants

April 14, 2011

Short dream. Standing outside of a gas station painted like a red barn with white trim. We're standing in the dusty gravel in the sun. Andrew walks out of the door and shows us a napkin with smeared shit in it. "I shit my pants." He says.