Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Playing Fetch with Chris Johnson and Paranormal Activity

I'm on a beach. The sand is white and pristine. The water is crystal blue with just a thin line of white foam separating the two.
I'm standing with my back to the water and Chris Johnson is facing me. He's holding an overly large tennis racket in his left hand and a bright tennis ball in his right.
I look at my hands and I've got a racket too.
He serves the ball gently. Lobs it to me. He's kind of far away (think half of a football field). He hits it and I try my best to return the fuzzy yellow ball but I miss and it flies behind me into the blue water.
It travels farther than it would normally (In real life) and I have to really chase it. I'm quickly jogging through the water which has no resistance. I finally get to the ball and turn to go back to shore and the ocean floor feels more like mud than the sand that was under my feet before. I look down and the water has turned murky but I can still see the floor. It looks exactly like Clear Lake.
I'm walking and my feet clumsily stumble on the slick water-weathered sticks and rocks just under the mud and milfoil. The water is waist level and is proportionate to my distance to the beach.
Chris hits the ball several times and each time I miss and have to wade out and retrieve it. It reminds me of a dog. A golden retriever.
Time Travel
I'm standing at the wall facing the bed from Paranormal Activity (exactly the position where the camera is in the movie). All of the room's characteristics are identical: the dim, warm lamp light reflecting off the maple colored wood floor.I'm watching them talk to each other. There is a golden retriever by the door and Kate is petting him, leaning far off the high bed.
Suddenly the dog bolts from the room and I can hear his nails slipping on the wood as he sprints fearlessly down the stairs.
I hear a loud SLAM and the dog screams.
Time Travel
I'm back on the beach. I'm in a hut/shed/shack. The walls are seasoned wood and there is no glass in the square window facing South. There is sand on the floor. I look down and see my painted toenails  with tiny bits of sand around my cuticles.
There is a kid (probably 19 or 20) and he's wearing a Shift trucker hat (one that Austin had on earlier in the day) and a light gray One. Industries shirt with a high visibility logo on the chest.
He's standing to the right of me near the glassless window.
Austin is in some sort of a water competition: Wakeboarding or something. (Not 100% sure).
I can hear the announcer reading off names from a significant distance away. The kid and I are talking and he has a very condescending tone. He makes me feel like I'm not welcome. I think to myself, "I'm too old to be here."
Then I wake up.

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