Saturday, October 1, 2011

Alyssa is "The Girl"

When I was 21 or 22, I was having a "sleepover" at my friend Marshall's house.
In the middle of the night, as we were sleeping, the door flew open and the lights slammed on and some crazy chick started screaming at him about who knows what.
I am legally blind (without my glasses or contacts) and since I can't defend myself if I can't see, I scurried under the blanket and curled up in fetal position. Just as my little head went under the covers, a camera or cellphone, or something hit the wall above my head and broke.

I'm standing at my desk, like I do every morning, and Alyssa is over at the reception counter. We're talking about normal things and somehow, the little scenario I've described above comes up in our conversation. So I'm giggling as I'm telling her all the details (because, looking back on it now, it's pretty hilarious) and she is smiling and laughing too and then she says, totally serious, "That was me."
My chin drops to the desk and my eyes get wide, "Whaaaaa...??"
She's all, "I was dating him for a little over a year and one night I decide to come over and surprise him and there's a girl in his bed."
I'm like, "Ohhhh myyyyy Godddd.....That was me!"
Then we laugh hysterically.
Then I feel kinda bad. A year? Ouch. I feel really bad for her.
I tell her I'm sorry and she says, "It's coooool." and gives me a little Alyssa smile.

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