Sunday, September 8, 2013

Digging up the Anchor and Dad Stole My Quarters

I'm standing on a white sand beach, just at the water's edge. There is a small current and the slightly cold water laps at my toes. An old man stands just to my left, but in the water just past his ankles. He is looking down and using his foot to brush the water off of a rusty object. He says, "Feel that rust." and I rub my left foot along the edge. "It's an old anchor. I've been wanting to dig it up for years."

Fast Forward

I'm standing in a sand pit about waist level. Joey is in the pit also, a few feet in front of me and we're both digging in the sand with short handled shovels. The kind of shovel with the hand gripper at the end. I'm digging in the wet white sand , deeper and deeper, and I see the rusted metal of the old anchor again. I use my shovel to carve around the edges and I start to see little red candy wrappers, rectangular and shiny with scalloped edges. The more I dig, the more candies start to appear. And quarters. Stacks of quarters toppling over in the sand. My dad is there suddenly and he's helping me gather the candies and quarters and I am thankful for the extra hand. We are working side by side, Joey digging still to my left and now dad gathering what almost looks like Pinata innards. I look at the ground beneath my dad's feet and all I see are empty candy wrappers. No quarters.

I'm furious. I'm so mad at him I'm crying hysterically to anyone that will listen. I'm bawling. It's violent. I'm telling Trevor how my dad stole the quarters from me and I can hardly stand it. I'm fucking furious.

Then I wake up

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