Monday, August 29, 2011

Mystery Goo in Blue Bic Pen Cap

I haven't had any dreams for almost a month and a half! I've had some dreamlets but they were really only flashes of random thoughts that reminded me vaguely of things I'd done the previous day, but really nothing worth typing out because it would take more explanation of the actual event rather than the dreams (which we'rent really detailed either).
Ok, last night was super random 5, 10, 20 minute flashes. The sections (kind of) ran together but there were huge gaps of time between flash.

Here goes:

I'm standing in an apartment with dry wood floor. Gray and splintery with large grooves. I'm facing a wall of windows and it feels like I might be on a high floor a big city brick building (think Seinfeld). The sky outside is cloudless and gray.

Time Travel

I'm outside the apartment standing on a ladder leaned up against the wall where the door of the apartment is. The wood on the ladder is old and weathered like the floor in the apartment. I'm about 3 feet from the door, which is on my left. I'm standing on a middle rung but somehow I can see above and into the roof storage into the crawl space.
It looks exactly like the attic from the movie Paranormal Activity. The ceiling is an angled wood frame with pink insulation whisping from the floor. There is a blue Bic pen that looks as if it's been carelessly tossed just over an arms length from the opening I'm standing in. I reach out as far as I can and catch the pen by just the tips of my index and middle finger and snatch it toward me.

Time Travel

I'm with my sister. She is standing to my right (I think we're in the hallway, but I'm not completely sure). I'm holding the pen cap in my left hand and the pen in my right and I'm mixing some sort of blue goo in the pen cap (like the pen may have started leaking, but there is A LOT of goo, about a cup and a half).
When the pen is out of the cap and in my right hand it is normal size but when I look at the pen cap in my left hand it is much larger (so I can see inside it better).
So I'm stirring the gooey substance clockwise (to soften it up) with the writing end of the pen and I notice the other end of the pen has been chewed almost flat (Joey chews straws). I flip the pen over and start to scoop and drag the melted marshmallow-like goo along the side of the cap (which reminds me of what the inside of a red party cup looks like: white and rippled).

Time Travel

I'm standing at a bank teller window (I'm actually alternating views from standing at the counter and also observing myself standing at the counter from the left, around 20 or 30 feet away).
When I'm standing at the teller window I'm scooping out the thick substance and wiping it on a white napkin (which also turns into a tortilla) to the left of me on the counter.
I hear a loud car exhaust (loud but not the obnoxious sounding, rice burning, I just put a hole in my exhaust sound) and I see Alex Staley's car come up the road (which is Woodland Drive in my Grandma's neighborhood). He pulls in to a driveway across from where I'm standing at the bank teller window and I turn and walk over to him.
I'm still mixing the goo. I walk over and ask how his appointment went and he says "the girl didn't even show up." I give him a skeptical look and go, "Yeah right" and chuckle a little.

Then I wake up.

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