Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aliens are coming.

I watched a documentary on light pattern sightings/UFO sightings in Arizona on Netflix last night and I dreamed:

I'm with a large group of people in a room similar to a lunchroom in a school. Slick, cream colored tile floor, glossy. Florescent lighting glaring off the smooth surface. Windows on every wall. Almost all four walls are solid glass ( a very vulnerable location to be found out by aliens). I get the feeling there might not be a ceiling in the room (I feel like we're being watched from ABOVE, not so much through the glass walls.) There are no tables, just tons of grey metal folding chairs (the kind used for assemblies in school) all over the room randomly. This girl I used to sell jewelry with, Maryann Davis is instructing us all to kneel down on one knee (like a marriage proposal) and kind of hang our heads forward. She explains that this is the most non-threatening position to take when the aliens come.
I am terrified. There are people shuffling around me as I kneel and I want them to stop and get down with me. They're making too much noise and the aliens will find us before we're all in position and we may look threatening. We (unprompted) start folding the chairs and stacking them against the walls. Several chairs stacked sloppily together to create barricades. The glass "windows" are suddenly glass doors (the kind you just lean against and they open. Like at a gas station). We're just stacking randomly.
Then I wake up.

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