Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Ugly Gold Mirror & Babies Floating in Tropical Water

I'm at my sister's new place in Queen Anne. It's a tiny place, a little over 700 feet, only two rooms separated by an arched doorway. The walls are soft white. The lights are off, but it's day time and the direction her bay windows are facing let a dim, almost dusk-like illumination.
I'm standing in her closet. (Her real closet is long and shallow, but in my dream, it's actually my walk-in closet at my place.
I'm crouched down, almost like I'm "owling" (haha) just to the right of the doorway.
Her gold framed mirror (dimensions 2' x 1' approximately) is leaning, vertically against the wall in front of me.
It's sturdy against the wall and there really is no way for it to tip over, but I've got like a death grip on it (just to make sure).
I think this mirror is hideous and I'm hoping I can stay in here and hide it but I know she'll discover me and her prized mirror, crouched down in her/my closet.

There is someone in the room with us. It is a female, but I don't exactly recognize the voice and I can't see her. They're talking, and even though I'm only few feet away, I can't make out what they are saying. The sound of the other woman's voice makes me visualize her as mid-twenties/early thirties and I picture her with an average frame with long, straw colored hair. She is wearing it in a low pony tail which is carefully threaded through the hole in the back of a light blue (actually, not light, not dark. More of a "corn flower" is my best guess.

Time Travel

Two women are talking behind me. Just above a whisper. I have to keep very still in order to eavesdrop their conversation.They're talking about a big boat, (almost cruise ship big) sinking. Sinking into the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean Ocean.

Time Travel

I'm not in the water, but I can feel the waves rippling beneath me. It's almost like I'm sitting just above the water. I'm bobbing up and down casually although I'm dry. It's as if some force from the ocean is moving my body above the slightly moving liquid. I start to feel the water splash my toes. It's cold at first but as I sink down, my skin begins to adjust to the slightly cooler temperature of the air I've been hovering in.

I see heads bobbing around me. Live heads. Not panicking, just floating with their chins just below the surface. There is about 10 or so, the closest being about four feet from me and the furthest around thirty feet. They are spread about three to four feel apart from each other too and I can see their arms moving slowly under the surface, helping keep them afloat.

Time Travel

I'm bobbing now too. Chin just below the surface, pencil eraser size droplets splashing my cheeks and forehead.
The scenery has changed to more of a jungle, but the water stays the same tropical color. I can see two women standing on the shore which is about fifty or so feet away. They are talking at a normal volume but I can hear their voices as if I'm right beside them.
They are talking about how they recently saw a panther. I picture it , black shiny coat, stalky, muscular shoulders pacing the shore. Green eyes surveying the floating heads with an aggressive hint of curiosity.
One of the women says something about the panther rescuing the bobbing women, she says it so casually  and I'm shocked. I know she's lying and I visualize torn limbs moving in the current below my toes.

Times Travel

There are babies floating now. Struggling to stay on top of the water. The the ones that are close enough to the dead and dying, dismembered women are trying desperately to cling to what is left of their bodies.

Then I wake up.

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