Monday, January 2, 2012

I Can Carry More Garbage than Everyone!!

I'm at work. I'm sitting on a quad (or something) facing the front door. It's an obviously daytime: there is a grey sky visible through the windows on the east side of the building, but it's dark in the store (like every morning before we turn all the showroom lights on).

Debbie is (maybe sitting on a bike, or something...)  to my right and Matt is to my left, sitting on a cruiser. He's holding a square shaped clipboard (as opposed to the standard 8x11).
He looks a little stressed,  totally unlike his usual easy-going expressions.
He starts talking very quietly, just above a whisper, as if he doesn't want some people to hear what he's saying.
He explains how now that it's slow at the store, we're all being watched very closely to make sure we're being productive and earning our paychecks.

He points out a trash can behind me leaning against the wall. It's overflowing and there is a huge amount of garbage (mostly wadded up sheets of paper, and one banana peel...a yellow one, only slightly browning in small patches) laying around it.It looks kind of like someone deliberately dumped it out halfway.
Matt starts talking again and points out that Debbie repainted all the walls in the showroom.
I look behind me and there is a brand new layer of soft gray paint masking all the nicks and scratches that had been letting the white drywall peek through.
The next thing i know, the entire staff is moving quickly in between all the bikes picking things up frantically.
I look at matt and he's staring at me like, 'what are you waiting for?'
I realize he's expecting me to 'earn my keep' and pick up some garbage (which i notice now is not only behind me falling out of the trashcan, but is also strewn all over the floor and on the bikes.)

I turn quickly and almost fall backwards off the bike trying to get to the garbage bin.
Chase runs towards me from my left and kind of "homerun slides" almost hitting me.
I'm on my knees grabbing and stuffing and I turn around and everyone is carrying large amounts of garbage in their arms. Not putting them in bins or anything.
I have a weird thought that maybe they want to see how much we can carry compared to each other. I see that Trina is carrying a lot compared to her small stature. I think to myself  "I  have to at least carry more than her."
I start taking garbage out of the trashcan and stuffing it under my left arm until my elbow starts straining.

Then I woke up.


  1. Hello Emily,
    I am excited about your blog. Is this like your dream journal? I've just learn about Lucid Dream by the way, it's interesting.

    Do you usually have a lucid dream?

  2. I've had a lot of people ask me if I can lucid dream. I haven't yet...I have a friend that can do it...He can't fly, but he can jump either really high or fall from a high place and stay alive. I need to find a way to recognize when I'm
    dreaming so I can push it just that much further.
    Thanks for reading :D