Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Chair 2 at Mt. Baker and Dangerous Hot Springs

I'm riding up the hill on Chair 2. The chairlift is very old and creaks and shakes like it may snap any second. Austin is with me. He's just behind me on the lift. It's only a two-chair so it's super cramped if you try to squeeze so if it's not too busy, it's a lot more comfortable to take separate seats.
I'm looking at him behind me and we're laughing and teasing each other I'm so happy. Just being silly.

Time Travel

I'm in a white truck with a tan vinyl interior. It's a newer model, reminds me of Cam's truck (mentioned in "Cam's Truck, Sue's Parking & Austin's Wet Shirt" dream).

I'm driving. It's dry and dusty and reminds me of Sun Lakes, WA (where we have our family reunions every year). I'm driving on a sand colored road with no shoulder. There is a small fork and I stay to the right. I travel down a slight decline and I look out the passenger window and see hot springs. They are so vibrantly colored; jade blue centers with crusted edges of terra cotta red.

Then I wake up.

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