Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Big Dave" Jacobe and his hugs

Age 25...

*Dave Jacobe comes to my store(s) to visit me several times a year. I met him working at Harley in 2007 and we've been good friends ever since. He's really close to Austin too (he's known Dave since 2006). I've never heard Dave call him by his actual name. He's called him "Possum" for years.

I'm getting out of my car from my usual parking spot and it's a sunny summer day and I'm watching my boss, Matt Sterett, push quads out of the store and I hear "Hey Emmmm!" and I recognize the voice immediately and get excited. He walks towards me and gives me the biggest, warmest bear hug and slobbers on my neck and I'm like "Eww!!" and we both laugh. My boss, Matt, goes "Isn't your man gonna be mad about that?" and we're both like, "Nah, he's cool."

Then I wake up.

*This literally happens every time we see each other.

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