Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sebastian's Youtube Views

Age 25.....

I posted a video of my friend Sabastian rapping a few days ago and I saw that some people were kinda talking sh!t to him and apparently it bothered me enough for my subconscious to decide to work it all out for me.

My dream last night was Sebastian sitting at a computer with a friend (I think it was a girl, but it's hazy) and he was like, "Em, come here! Check this out!" and I saw that his video that he'd posted on Youtube had like
4, 635,000 hits. It had around 5,300 thumbs up and only 1,200 thumbs down and I was so happy!

I said, "Oh my god, that's awesome! You're probably gonna be on "The Soup"!!" (Funny show with Joel McHale who makes fun of TV clips and internet videos).

Then I woke up.

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