Saturday, January 8, 2011

"We have matching kitty socks!!"

Age 25....

My coworker/friend Ben Bloom and I are in love with our kitties. (Mine: Molly & Griddles, and Ben: Gnarlz Barkley).

I dreamt that we were standing at the cashier counter at Everett Powersports and we were talking "kitty chat" and I remembered I had my grey kitty socks on that Amy Walker got me for Christmas last year! I was so freakin' excited I took one of my shoes off and showed him and he was like, "I have the same ones!!".

Time warp

We're sitting under the white folding table behind the cashier station (which is unusually bigger than normal, so we can both fit under there without crouching)  rubbing our kitty socked feet together and giggling.

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