Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Look how many pull-ups I can do!"

Age 25....

My boss, Matt Sterett and I are constantly teasing each other in like a "neener neener" way. (Think immature elementary B.S.)

I'm in the back of the parts department where he's unloading the shipment from UPS (which he does every morning) and I come back and have a little chat (like we do every morning) and he said something about me being weak 'cause "I'm a girl", (which he always teases me about) and does his evil laugh (he has a very distinctive laugh) and I get a little heated about it and I'm like "Oh, yeah?! Let's have a pull-up contest!!" And he's laughs his evil laugh again and he goes, "OK, you go first."
(There are water pipes that run just below the 10'-12' ceiling) Somehow, with my dream "superhero power" I jump up and grab the bar and I look at him and I go, "Watch!!" And I do one...very, very difficult pull-up. I try to do a second one and I fall and he teases me for being weak again.

Then I wake up.


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