Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sad Cat

July 3, 2011

Backstory: I drove to Spokane to stay for a few days at my friend Jessica's house for the 4th of July. When she was showing me around her house, we went into her basement and her cat Chloe was there. She had her own little murky room. With her catbox, her kitty condo and her travel cage sitting up on a platform near a small window. She has a lot of room, it's just dark and lonely down there. She's too scared of the three dogs to come up. Jess calls her "Sad Cat". Apparently that really upset me because that night, I had this dream: (it was literally a dream within a dream).

I wake up, come downstairs and see Jess having coffee in the kitchen. She's standing by the counter in between the dining room door and the window over the sink.
I'm kind of panicky almost. I tell her I had a dream that she let me have Chloe and I took her home and she was jumping from kitty-condo to kitty-condo in the sunshine (on my old balcony at Avalon). I could picture here rolling around on the warm cement, soaking up the sun. It made me so happy to see "Sad Cat" be happy.
In my dream, she says I can have her.

In the real life morning, I come and tell her my dream about a dream and that she said I could have her and these were the reasons: she'd be able to enjoy the sun and would be in a stress-free environment with several kitty toys and plenty of attention and she could sleep in our bed. Jess said that would really make (the cat) happy.
Austin said "no" she's still "Sad Cat"

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  1. Oh no! Were you able to take her, in the end? Does Sad Cat have a happy ending? I've always believed cats can communicate through dreams. Sounds like Sad Cat is desperately hoping she can come to live with you.