Thursday, July 21, 2011

"The Nanny"

I'm on a my parents' boat in the San Juan islands and it's stormy. Sunny, but the water is choppy. There is a girl (maybe one of Joey's friends, Katie or Corey?) They're fighting with a black girl called "The Nanny".
Time Travel
I'm at work, back in the parts departments at Matt's computer and Trina pages me to come up front to see a guest. It's a guy I don't know. He looks like Ryan Capes (he just came in the day I had this dream) he is short and has dusty blonde messy hair.

He apologizes sincerely for being mean to me and tells me he is "The Nanny". I don't remember ever meeting him. I grab his right hand like I'm going to shake it and wrap my other hand around it and pull him into a hug.
Then I tell him I was drunk and don't remember him being mean.

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