Thursday, April 28, 2011

"That Dog Looks Like Danny Devito!"

I'm driving East on College Way in Mt. Vernon just  passing the cemetery on the left. I'm driving, Ben Bloom is in the passenger seat, Matt Sterett is in the back. There's a Chevron gas station on the right corner of the next intersection with emergency vehicles everywhere. It's complete chaos. Lights, sirens, smoke. We're still driving in that direction. I'm curious. Time starts moving in slow motion. We're approaching and I see a ripple in the road. The commotion suddenly erupts outward. People, cars, smoke, debris in all directions. The ripple slowly builds to a hot burning blue flame barely skimming the gasoline soaked asphalt. Gravity is directing it towards us in the car. I yell, "Turn around!" Matt is driving now. He cranks the wheel and in slow motion we rotate and face the other direction. I look over to the left by Food Pavillion grocery store and see a little dog wearing a fisherman-style canvassy hat and sunglasses. "Look! That dog looks like Danny Devito!!" I say.

Then I wake up.

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