Saturday, April 2, 2011

Helping Grandma Move Into A Wood Box

In my dream my Grandma Pat and Grandpa John are getting a divorce because Grandma can't handle how mean Grandpa is now that he has Alzheimer's.
I'm devastated that they're not going to be married but I'm accepting because Grandma won't be miserable anymore. My mom, dad, sister, Austin and Andrew are helping move Grandma's things into small, coffin-like unfinished (splintery) wooden boxes. (2 1/2' x 12" apx.)
I'm uneasy. I start to climb into one of the boxes, head-first, on my back. I'm trying to slide in but the wood in unfinished and coarse. There are no handles so I'm using my palms to try to drag my weight into the box and I'm driving splinters into my hands and back.

Then I wake up.

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