Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thousands of UFOs in Sedro-Woolley

It is night time. I'm in my mom's car with Dad, Mom, Joey, Andrew and Austin and we're heading North on Highway 9 (there is only blackness on either side of the road due to farmland) and Joey says, "Wow, there's a lot of them out tonight" as she looks out the left window. I look in that direction and see hundreds, maybe thousands of multicolored lights zipping past at lightning speeds at all different heights all moving in the same direction we're heading. There are big red lights, small white lights, a few blue and green lights, all flying in the same direction we're traveling. It looks similar to airplanes, but there are no planes, just lights. My dad is driving and as we are just entering Sedro-Woolley he says, "Look!! There's one!" and points towards the sky. I look up through the sunroof and see the underside of a massive aircraft. I see large metal sheets riveted together to make a curved panel that is slowly moving above us. I grab Joey's head and try to pull it up so she can see it before it disappears but I can't pull her up fast enough and she only gets a small glimpse as the object fades into the thick fog. I'm disappointed.

Then I wake up.

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