Saturday, April 2, 2011

Olsen Twins: Mary Kate cuts herself

I'm at a party, standing in a swimming pool. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are there with me in the pool. There is a guy standing near the pool talking to a group of people and Mary Kate has a crush on him. He's talking and being charming and flirty with the group. Mary Kate has a brown beer bottle. She breaks it on the side of the pool and takes a shard and starts carving her wrist. Ashley rolls her eyes and says, "you're carving a heart into your wrist..."
Mary Kate is bleeding an enormous amount in the pool and it's slowly overtaking the water around me. Her sister is antagonizing her and she breaks another bottle (clear this time) and the glass slowly floats in the water. She starts rubbing her hands/arms together in the glass-filled water and her arms are bleeding profusely.

Then I wake up.

(I know there is/was more to this one, but I can't fully remember)

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