Sunday, April 10, 2011

Renaissance Times Prostitute/Ghost Swordfight

The dream starts out in a house that I've dreamed about in the past.
 It's a large, open floor plan with more windows than walls. The inside is unfinished. There are white electrical cables laced through the framework skeleton interior. The doors are hung but swing lightly with no knobs to keep them closed. There is a kitchen in the middle of the house with bare counters, plain sanded wood cabinets with no varnish or fixtures. There is platform just to the left of the kitchen with a nearly finished hot tub. There are nails and tools and miscellaneous wood pieces littering the floor and counters. Sawdust everywhere.
(I may just sketch a picture of the house...someday)
I'm in the house with some co-workers; Trina and Debb. I'm carrying around a huge lacy dress and I'm flustered and looking for a dressing room. I'm arguing with Debb (we don't get along well) and I walk behind a shower curtain hanging in a doorway and start to change into my dress/costume. I'm still arguing with Debb through the barrier.

Time Travel

I'm dressed in my costume and I'm walking through a dark, old empty village (someone in the dream mentions that the reason the old city is abandoned is due to a vicious cereal killer that took so many lives, that the residents fled). The streets are cobblestones; they are wet and glistening. The buildings are tall and gray and remind me of old Germany or France. A building you'd expect to see gargoyles staring down from the ledge, but they aren't in this case. 
I'm walking towards a woman standing just inside an arched doorway that leads into a hallway beneath a stone breezeway. It's dark and damp inside and the only light sources are dim yellow flickering torches secured to the stone walls. The woman is dressed in a long black medieval gothic ruffled dress with blood-red detailing around the hem of the lace on her skirt. She's only lit from the sides and she looks almost ghostlike. She has an intense threatening glare beneath the shadows on her face.
I continue my approach and I can feel that someone is walking with me behind and to the left of me. This person is not threatening, just a companion of sorts (I never see their face, but it feels like another female). We walk through the arched entry way and as we're getting closer to the woman I hear a sound; very subtle, almost inaudible. I look to the left and I see a ghoulish woman with crazy white hair wearing draping and torn white canvassy material standing in front of a mirror on the wall opposite the direction I'm walking (I can't actually see the mirror but she shows certain characteristics of someone looking at a reflection). She hears me enter the dark space and turns her head sharply to the left and looking directly at me in a crazed way, she immediately sprints in my direction with insane intensity and pulls a large thin sword out from behind her back. She turns her gaze to the woman dressed in red who also pulls a sword from behind her and they slap the blades against each other two or three times.

Then I wake up.

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